For reference, here are a few picture sizes showing how they look in context with frames.

For reference, here are picture sizes showing how they look in context with frames.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I buy these?
Yes, they are all for sale. Just email in the contact part of the website with the name of piece you are interested in and I’ll get back to you to confirm I still have it available. I have a wonderful rep friend who has offered to pitch them to designers, so tell me right away if I should hold a particular one for you. You can also pay on the Purchase page, but for now, start with an email and in the end it can be by check or online, as you wish.

How much are they?
Generally prices are like this unframed: Small $85, Medium $130, Large $250 and Oversized $300-800. If you want it, I want you to have it, so don’t let pricing worry you. Maybe for you, there will be a different price…Have you known me since birth? Did you know my grandmother? Did you ever drive my kids somewhere? Can you guess if my laundry’s done? (...that may be too easy) Are you trying to put two together for over a piano and so you want a little price cut? I get it! Let's do it. I’d rather sell them than not, so just reach out on the Contact page.

Are they framed?
No, they are not, but they are easily popped into a ready-made frame (shout out to Ikea) or sent to a fancy framer (shout out to Artist Frame Services) – both look good. You can mat them or frame them right to the edge, it’s just a matter of your personal preference. All of the materials are acid free, museum grade – linen tape, etc. That said, non-glare glass and museum UV limiting glass can be expensive and not everyone cares about those qualities when framing. So, how high-end you want to go with your framing is completely up to you.

Are they matted?
The 10 x 8, 12 x 9 and 14 x 11 ones are and come with a straight-forward, white, acid-free, museum quality mat and/or backing board in a plastic sleeve -- like you might see at an art fair. The larger ones come in acid-free wrap and are encased in corrugated cardboard for easy transport.

What about shipping, pick up or delivery?
These are all possibilities. If you want to pay for shipping, I’ll let you know how much it is and will keep it inexpensive. If you want to pick it up next time you’re in Chicago, that’s easy too. Or I can have it dropped off to you if you’re local. It's a case by case basis and we can figure out what's easiest -- just send a note via the contact page.

What about a commission?
Yes, you are welcome to commission a piece. Here is the process. You share your preferences (ie., size, feel, style, palette). You pay 1/3 of the cost up front. I create 1-3 works based on those preferences. You select the one you would like to keep, and you pay the balance and take it home. The ones you do not select remain mine to sell or keep.